Cooking Demos

We are hosting four talented chefs who will teach you how to make a variety of delicious plant-based dishes. All cooking demos will take place in the President’s Room on the third floor of Coffman Memorial Union. We will be providing samples of some of the dishes at every cooking demo!

10:30am – AmyLeo Barankovich

AmyLeo Barankovich

Breakfast and Brunch for You and “Your Bunch”

One of the most commonly asked questions when you tell someone you are vegan is, “What do you eat for breakfast?” Come find out as Chef AmyLeo whips up a delicious array of recipes to eat alone or with a crowd. Fun, flavorful, and nutritious, these recipes are sure to please you and your friends for breakfast and brunch.

On the menu:

About AmyLeo

AmyLeo Barankovich is a passionate vegan chef. She began cooking for a family of ten at the age of 13 and has since been delighting family, friends, and colleagues with creative, delicious, beautiful, wholesome food. She recently founded The Vegan Pantry: Where Taste Meets Grace, offering private and public vegan cooking classes, personal chef services, vegan coaching, and restaurant menu advising.

She has offered classes at Kitchen Window, Cooks of Crocus Hill, the Wedge, Seward Co-op, Whole Foods, Linden Hills Co-op, Eastside Co-op, Valley Natural Foods and Mississippi Market. Her website can be found at

12:00pm – Betsy Born

Betsy Born

Easy Vegan Baking

Come learn how to make simple, quick recipes for mouthwatering vegan baked goods. These recipes will satisfy even the most skeptical omnivore. Most of the ingredients in these recipes will be found in every kitchen or easily obtainable from your neighborhood grocery store. Perfect for amateur bakers or those looking to add new recipes to their collection.

On the menu:

About Betsy

Betsy has had a love of baking for as long as she can remember. Her specialty is cakes and she especially enjoys decorating children’s birthday cakes. Betsy runs a small vegan bakery, Seymour Munchmore’s, out of her home. When she isn’t busy baking, she works with at-risk children and families in the East Phillips neighborhood, attends school for midwifery, and volunteers with her neighborhood association in south Minneapolis. Betsy is married and has three children: Ivy (5), Pierce (3), and Sterling (1). Her husband and kids are always willing to taste test any new recipes she has. Betsy has been a part of Compassionate Action for Animals for about 8 years and always enjoys sharing her cooking and baking skills.

1:30pm – Alex Bury

Alex Bury, Chef

Keep It Simple!

Simple cooking tips and recipes to help non-vegetarians transition to veg eating.

On the menu:

About Alex

Alex Bury was trained as a classical chef at the world-renowned Culinary Institute of America. In 2001, she opened a restaurant in California called Sparks with an entirely plant-based menu. Sparks quickly became well-known for its outstanding food, even among non-vegans. She has taught healthy cooking techniques and recipes at Whole Foods Market, for the McDougall Program (a nationally renowned preventative health program), and for local groups and companies since 2000. Alex now works for The HSUS.

3:00pm – Mistress Ginger

Get Busy with Mistress Ginger

Mistress Ginger

Get busy with Mistress Ginger — in the kitchen. The undisputed vegan queen-of-all-time shows you how to prepare a smorgasbord of treats, including Down-and-Dirty Jambalaya, Goddess Greens, and Tie-the-Knot Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pie. All of these recipes can be found in her recently released cookbook, Mistress Ginger Cooks!: Everyday Vegan Food for Everyone. Here’s your chance to witness the glitter girl in action and sample some of her goodies. You’ll see how you can make these delectable dishes for yourself and have a rollicking good time along the way.

On the menu:

About Mistress Ginger

Mistress Ginger is a quadruple treat diva: singer, dancer, actress, and vegan know-it-all. She has fueled herself with a vegan diet since 2002, and she’s still alive! Not only that, she’s thriving. Author of Mistress Ginger Cooks!: Everyday Vegan Food for Everyone, Ginger offers cooking demos and cabaret extravaganzas to the masses. She specializes in the art of compassionate living with a kick – a fan kick! When she’s not cooking up a storm in the kitchen or on the stage, Mistress Ginger enjoys meditating on our eternal oneness, entertaining burly truck drivers, and throwing wild dinner parties that end up on the 11 o’clock news. Her blog can be found at Follow her on Facebook (Mistress Ginger) or on Twitter @vegandivacooks.