Meet Jackson Tyler Eddy of A Frame Forward

I’m a Twin Cities based Lifestyle Portrait & Wedding Photographer. Almost nothing makes me happier than delivering amazing images to clients that truly touch their hearts, now, and well on into the future. I’m a big believer in Gandhi’s wise words about being the change you wish to see in the world. I base all my personal and business decisions around this philosophy. I am Minnesota’s highest rated “green” photographer, operating and creating in an eco-friendly manner. You can read more about my green ways on my website.

I’m excited about being a part of this event once again as I have a strong passion about the veg lifestyle and wanted to connect with other like-minded folks in and around my community, and support the good cause in general.

Besides the fact that killing an animal makes me sad, factory farming is just out of control. It’s out of control in the sense of sheer animal cruelty and also because of the huge negative impact on our environment and surrounding ecosystems. I am excited that the awareness and knowledge about these facts are becoming more mainstream. Regular folks, filmmakers, influential leaders, and celebrities have all been embracing and endorsing our movement and I feel that the future is bright.

Having never really been a big meat eater, I have been a pure vegetarian for about 8 years now. When I do dabble with dairy and eggs, it’s from local, free range, and organic sources. I am the father to two awesome little boys who are also vegetarians, and are now 5 & 6 years old. If you have any questions about raising veg kids feel free to come see me and chat at Twin Cities Veg Fest.

I’ll have a booth to share my work, and I’ll also be holding a drawing, giving away a free family/child photo session. I absolutely love photographing and spending time with kids and their families. And to be able to work with clients that share the same personal beliefs makes it that much more special. I very much look forward to meeting a bunch of awesome like-minded individuals and families at Twin Cities Veg Fest in September.

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