Meet Our Media Outreach Coordinator

Megan Kosse
Megan Kosse

Megan Kosse is new to the Twin Cities Veg Fest planning committee this year and handles our media relations. Let’s get to know her.

How did you get interested in advocating for animals?

Going vegan three years ago sparked my interest in advocating for animals. As I learned more about veganism and animals used for food, I wanted to help others interested in following a compassionate lifestyle. I started exploring volunteer opportunities and met some of the wonderful activists in the Twin Cities animal advocacy community.

What have you enjoyed most so far about being on the festival planning committee?

I’ve really enjoyed learning about all of the great things happening in the local animal advocacy community. It’s been great to see how many businesses in the area offer vegan options. As an added bonus, we have awesome vegan food at every committee meeting!

What are you most looking forward to at Twin Cities Veg Fest?

I’m really excited to see what new products and samples our exhibitors bring. The Twin Cities Veg Fest is a great way to find new companies and try out new products.

What makes you optimistic about the animal advocacy movement?

I’m optimistic about the animal advocacy movement because more and more people know about veganism and the issues affecting animals used for food. It seems like there are far more vegan options and products available than even just a few years ago. There are tons of companies selling products that make being vegan easy and exciting.

What hobbies do you enjoy (besides devouring tasty vegan food)?

Blogging about tasty food! In my spare time, I’ve been veganizing some of my family’s recipes and posting them on my blog. My grandmother has been the preeminent baker in my family for years, and I’m slowly working through her repertoire of recipes. When I’m not revamping recipes, I spend a lot of time playing with our two rescue dogs.

What’s a fun experience that you’ve had with a non-human animal?

One of our dogs, Whitney, was rescued from a puppy mill last July. She was scared of everything when we adopted her, rarely moved around the house on her own, and certainly didn’t play like a normal dog. In the last few months, she’s really started to open up. She’s now roaming freely around the house and initiating play with us and our other dog, Jack. I was even greeted with a tail wag! While it was sad to see how shut down she was at first, it’s been a fun experience to watch her personality blossom.

What’s your favorite vegetable?

I absolutely love sweet potato, although kale comes in as a close second. Sweet potato is the perfect vegetable any time of year: it’s great on the grill in the summer or in stews in the winter. It’s also ridiculously easy to cook, which is always a plus.

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