One Girl, Two Cities Goes Veg!

One Girl, Two Cities is a weekly internet radio show hosted by our friend Laura (who is also one of our Social Media Ambassadors). On September 9, Laura hosted a show all about Twin Cities Veg Fest!

In the first half, Laura talked with Unny Nambudiripad, Executive Director of Compassionate Action for Animals, and Shannon Kimball who is our Exhibitor Logistics Coordinator and also a humane educator for Bridges of Respect.

In the second segment, Laura talked with some of our most anticipated exhibitors at Twin Cities Veg Fest: Kale, Aubry and Kamini from The Herbivorous Butcher and Nicky from Comfort Candy!

Read Laura’s recap here.

If you missed the show, you can still check it out on iTunes here.

Or you can listen here.

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