Social Media Ambassadors

SocMedAdIGDo you spend too much time online twittering and facespacing? Want to help animals more? You can do both! Use your social media influence to promote Twin Cities Veg Fest 2014! If you would like to join our team, see details below, but first meet our current Social Media Ambassadors:

Colton Cummings



Hi! My name is Colton Cummings and I am a graduating senior at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. I recently became vegan in order to foster a more sustainable lifestyle and to withdraw my support from today’s factory farming practices that are terrible for both animals and our environment. If I HAD to pick a favorite food, which, by the way, is super hard to do… I think it would be chili! It is versatile and always delicious. Hope to see you at Veg Fest this year!

Laura VanZandt



I have always been an animal lover and became a vegetarian in 2008 for multiple reasons, including compassion and being environmentally conscious. Quinoa is one of my favorite foods because of its versatility. I also love hummus and in the winter I love to make vegan chili. I love that Veg Fest encourages people to think more about the food they eat and the variety of vendors, speakers and activities is great! I enjoy talking about restaurants and other Twin Cities activities like concerts and theater on my Tuesday night radio show on internet broadcast station Sizzlin 99.9 and on my website, both titled One Girl, Two Cities.

Brooke Harmony Reynolds


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Hi, I’m Brooke Reynolds. I’ve been a vegan for a few years and I’m extremely passionate about helping animals by showing others the benefits of veganism and how delicious vegan food is! I’m also a nature and travel photographer and love taking photos of wild and rescued animals around the world. They belong in their natural habitats and we need to protect all animals and their habitats through awareness.

I love Twin Cities Veg Fest and was a sponsor/official photographer last year and I’m excited to have a booth again this year. At Veg Fest, there’s always a ton of variety of vegan food to try, and really great vendors and caring, compassionate people and speakers. It’s not something to miss, whether you are vegan or not, it’s worth checking out!

My favorite vegan foods are fruits! I love watermelon, mangoes, jackfruit and bananas. I drink a green smoothie or two every day and make a lot of vegan ‘nice’ cream with frozen bananas in my vitamix- so delicious! It makes me feel healthier and more vibrant. 🙂

Nina Berg


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I’m from Northern Minnesota and I’ve been vegan for a little over a year. I was vegetarian for 3 years before that but after finding out all of the many reasons to go vegan, it was an easy decision for me. My main focus is on non human animal liberation but I believe that all oppression is connected and every effort is important to create a better world for everyone.

I have a 5 year old son who I homeschool and I raise as a vegan. We live with two cats who are both over 10 years old!

I am interested in gardening, nature, kayaking, hiking, biking, pantheism, camping, sewing, crafts, and cooking!

Some of my favorite vegan foods are avocados, spinach salads, vegan banana “ice cream” with dark chocolate, raw vegan cookie dough, chips and salsa, bean and rice burritos, and Indian food!

I look forward to Veg Fest every year because of all the delicious samples, information, and the amazing people! I also enjoy TLOV (Their Lives Our Voices) because there is so much to learn to improve ourselves so that we may become better advocates for animals.

Kristen Hall

Kristen (L) with Capt. Paul Watson (R)


I went vegan on 11.27.12 in the middle of watching the documentary Vegucated, and started volunteering at Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in early 2014, where I act as Social Media Editor of the Sea Shepherd Minneapolis Facebook page and Twitter profile (@SeaShepherdMPLS). I love promoting vegan products and restaurants on my personal twitter account (@TheKristenHall). My favorite vegan foods are Pizza Luce vegan pizza, Angel Food Bakery’s vegan double chocolate cookies, and Punk Rawk Labs Cashew Herb Cheese, which I first tried at last year’s Veg Fest!

More Social Media Ambassador Profiles to come!

How to Become A Social Media Ambassador for Twin Cities Veg Fest 2014


  • Use the social media app(s) of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and/or Tumblr) to share at least ten posts about Twin Cities Veg Fest leading up to the event. (Content will be provided and sent to you via email or text – pick and choose which posts you would like to share. Let the Social Media Coordinator know your preference for method and frequency of contact.)
  • Create three original posts (with photos) that highlight the festival or one of its sponsors, food vendors or exhibitors. (For example, go to one of our food vendors’ regular locations and post a photo of their food OR make a recipe using a TC Veg Fest featured product and post a delicious looking photo of your creation.) All posts must tag Twin Cities Veg Fest or use the hashtag #TCVegFest2014.
  • Recruit at least five friends to like or follow one or more of TC Veg Fest’s social media pages/profiles.


  • Recognition on our website (photo, short bio and links to your social media profiles).
  • A Twin Cities Veg Fest T-shirt you can pick up the day of the festival.
  • We will repost and retweet your original content.

Contact if interested in one of our Social Media Ambassador positions!